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Choice Group is a boutique firm based in Shepparton, Victoria servicing business clients and individuals within the wider Victorian community, Melbourne and across Australia. We provide effective and targeted solutions to businesses of all sizes and offer advice on everything from how to increase sales, to how to manage your finances, minimise risk, and make better business decisions. 



Business Advisory

Develop, grow and increase sales

Compliance and Taxation
Reduce taxation costs - understanding numbers

Finance and Funding

Minimise your overall outgoings and interest costs effectively, while helping you achieve financial dreams


We're not your typical accountant or finance broker, we're human just like you and we know the everyday struggles, ups, downs and challenging decisions you might face.

Whether you come to Choice Group to get your individual tax return done once a year, four times a year for your business activity statement (BAS) or multiple times for business advice & growth each time you know you can rely on us for the most up to date info.


We can assist you with finance options for a home, car or business finance, we'll assess your circumstances and help you make an informed decision for your finance.

We're here to  "Make Play Possible" for you.

Your idea of fun might be going on a family holiday, buying an old car to restore or simply not doing your own book-work so you can spend more time with the ones you love. At the end of the day you only have one life, so walk away smiling with "No Regrets".

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You'll find us @Theplaylab
196 - 202 High St, Shepparton, Victoria 3630

Open from 9:00AM - 5:00PM | Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)


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